Wollongong’s model issues an alert after the freckle turns out to be skin cancer

It looked “harmless” – but when a freckle on Oceana Strachan’s ankle began to change, she pushed for tests and the results were shocking.

A model talked about her life turned upside down when doctors discovered that a seemingly harmless freckle on her ankle was actually life-threatening skin cancer.

Wollongong influencer Oceana Strachan She initially warned her 173,000 followers about solar safety after she was diagnosed with melanoma in May last year..

At the time, the 26-year-old detailed the intense “guilt” she felt after admitting she loved sunbathing and often avoided advice on wearing sunscreen.

However, after noticing that a freckle on her ankle had changed in size and shape, a biopsy revealed that the spot had turned into the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Oceana removed the cancerous tissue and now, after a year, she is 36 weeks pregnant and turned to Instagram to update her followers, writing, “I’m very lucky that all I have left is a scar.”

Oceana went on to say that “early diagnosis is what saved my life” and shared a series of pictures of her injury before it was removed and during the different stages of her recovery.

“As you can see in the first picture, my melanoma spot looked like a normal mole, but I noticed changes like itching that raised a red flag for me, which is why I insisted on a biopsy,” she said.

“Being on the ankle was a pretty tight area to stitch up, I was very lucky not to need a skin graft and as you can see the scar has stretched a bit, but it’s my fault that I got back on my feet too soon after. surgery. ”

After her diagnosis, Oceana took to her social media to share her story and warn others about the dangers of being too blasé in the Australian sun.

“I never want to scare anyone from being in the sun or doing outdoor activities, I just want you guys to be more aware,” he said in a video released last year.

“I’ve never been the perfect example myself, I’ve had so many people telling me ‘there’s nothing healthy about getting a tan’.” And I shiver when I think back to my answers. “

He went on to explain that he had often ignored warnings by saying things like “you don’t look healthy without a tan” and “you must die of something”.

“I can’t believe those words came out of my mouth,” she continued in her lengthy Instagram video. “I’m 25 and I don’t want to die so young.”

Oceana described the situation as overwhelming, bursting into tears at one point as she described “swimming in guilt”.

“Being aware and having personal initiative is what saved me and luckily I was able to be one of the lucky ones to catch it soon enough,” she wrote in the caption next to her video.

“As I stated in the video, I was swimming in guilt and constantly blaming myself for being in this situation.”

Fans of the young mom-to-be were quick to praise her for sharing her experience, describing it as a “powerful testimony.”

“You are so incredibly brave. Thanks for sharing, ”said one.

“This was incredibly eye-opening and prompted me to book for a skin checkup,” wrote another.

Originally published as The model’s warning when a tiny freckle turns out to be something sinister

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